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ClearPeaks have partnered with Tableau to provide our customers with a unique capability in deploying information visualisation to targeted functional users. See what Tableau can do for you.

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Regardless of role/industry Tableau is rapid-fire business intelligence that equips anyone to analyze data quickly. Its intuitive user interface means there’s no need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started. All you need is your data and the questions you want to answer.

Tableau Manufacturing

· Manufacturing
Optimize processes with tailored dashboards and meaningful metrics.

Tableau Banking Analytics

· Banking Analytics
Unique insight to distinguish offerings, improve customer service.

Tableau Pharma
· Pharma
Get the right drugs to the right markets. Faster.

Tableau Government Reporting
· Government Reporting
Make data easy to analyze. Publish to inform the public.

Tableau High Tech
· High Tech
Turn big data into big opportunities.

Tableau Insurance Analytics
· Insurance Analytics
Visual analysis yields improved sales, better forecasting, fraud detection.

Tableau Retail Analytics
· Retail Analytics
Find new segments and optimize offerings fast.

Tableau Investing and Wealth
· Investing and Wealth
Analyze vast quantities of data then easily share with clients, executives.

Tableau Healthcare
· Healthcare
Improve patient care and operations with faster data insight.

Tableau Education
· Education
Transform the opportunities you provide with insightful data.

Your organization is teeming with experts – sales superstars, marketing geniuses, supply chain gurus – just to name a few. They know the questions they need to answer to make business thrive. Tableau equips anyone in an organization to do their own data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation.

Tableau Human Resources
· Human Resources
Leverage your data to improve retention, recruit effectively, maximize productivity.

Tableau Finance
· Finance
KPIs to determine your company's financial health

Tableau Sales
· Sales
Create pipeline views and quota dashboards that are easily shared.

Tableau Marketing
· Marketing
Understand trends, design new campaigns with do-it-yourself analytics.

Tableau Web Site
· Web Site
Explore unlimited web data for patterns and trends.

Tableau Supply Chain Analysis
· Supply Chain Analysis
Combine maps, visual analytics for dynamic insight into SC & logistics.

Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence provides a fast, easy way to make visual analytics available to everyone. Its range of capabilities, from Mobile BI to analyzing Big Data, means Tableau offers a full breadth of capabilities that allow you to create visual analysis that yields actionable insight.

Tableau Business Dashboards
· Business Dashboards
Drag and drop to create interactive dashboards, then share in a browser

Tableau Mobile & Web
· Mobile & Web
Unprecedented analytical depth in a drag & drop environment— right in a browser or on a tablet
Edit your Dashboards on your browser and tablet

Tableau Visual Analytics
· Visual Analytics
Forecasting – Estimate future values based on historical data Visual Grouping – Modify your data analysis on the fly New visualization graphs to understand your data
Easier and powerful map customization

Tableau Data Discovery
· Data Discovery
Investigate data at speed-of-thought, asking and answering questions as you go

Tableau Mapping
· Mapping
Add “where” to your analysis for more insight and fast answers.

Tableau Big Data Analysis
· Big Data Analysis
Connectivity and fast performance to Big Data systems such as Hadoop (Hive and Impala), HP Vertica, TeraData, DataStax, Hadapt, SAP Hana, Amazon Redshift and more.

Tableau Connect to Any Data
· Connect to any Data
Data blending from different kind of data sources. Direct connector to Cloud platforms (i.e SalesForce, Google Analytics), OLAP connectivity, Relational databases, Local Files and more.

Tableau Javascript API
· Javascript API
Developers creating web applications can integrate fully interactive Tableau content into their applications via the new JavaScript API

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