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As the founder and managing partner, I have had the fortune to be part of the Business Intelligence sector since 1993, and watched it evolve from EIS and MIS in 1996 to where it is today, that being probably the most dynamic and high growth areas in the IT industry.

Business Analytics has never played such an important part in business as it does today, and this trend will continue far into the future. There is nowhere now where BI is not an integral part of business process and governance. Only a few years ago, the likes of Walmart and Dell used to be the reference stories for BI “done right”, now there are many thousands to talk about.

Corporate data volume growth and the diversity of data, structured and unstructured, has exposed a valuable new asset for business leaders to explore and leverage in increasing their company’s corporate performance.

Business Analytics is no longer a management tool for the elite few, but can be found in all areas of business and beyond, from manufacturing line staff to transport workers and school teachers. Everyone is now consuming BI and in different ways, from mobile devices, tablets and laptops to social media and TV.

The enabling technology to make pervasive BI a reality is advancing at a furious pace, with Oracle’s BI technology leading the space at the enterprise level and while products like Tableau and Qlikview are rocket fuelling business consumer demand for high impact visualisations and simple ease of for non-technical people.

I am proud to be able to speak about the long list of happy customers and projects across so many countries and industries, that we have serviced over the years and, equally, am privileged to have worked with so many passionate and capable ClearPeaks consultants who have often gone to extremes to make our project implementations a success, ensuring our growing brand is one of quality, trust and value.

We look forward to working with you to turn your business needs and analytic requirements into a workable and value-add solution.

Gordon Cardiff

Delivering BI since year 2000

Since our launch in the year 2000, the ClearPeaks mission has never altered course, that being, to deliver quality BI solutions which address real business needs, resolve real business problems and provide positive business value to our customers.

To-date, we have successfully delivered BI solutions and services into an impressive list of prestigious enterprise customers, in a broad range of 15 or more industry verticals and geographic regions spanning from Singapore, UAE, Turkey, UK, Central Europe and as far afield as Calgary in Canada.

The key to our success can be attributed these main factors:

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